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Category: News

Culture by Design: Keeping Culture Alive With a Remote Workforce

By Vicki Hill
Culture doesn't just happen. It must be developed, nurtured and maintained in an intentional way - especially when majority of your workforce is remote, behind a screen, in their home or home office, or possibly sitting in an airport while traveling to a meet a client. Remote work has become ...

The Many Moving Parts of a Successful Year End

By Aimée Morgan
What is Year End? Well, it means different things to different people and parts of your organization.  If you’re in Human Resources, Year End means getting ready for a new benefit year with Open Enrollment, reviewing policies to make sure they are in compliance with new laws, and fielding last- ...

Think Like a Marketer to Recruit Top Talent

By Courtney Freedman
It’s been said that the hardest sales job is recruiting - because your product can change its mind. It’s true and it’s a good reminder that recruiting is selling. If you want to recruit the top performers, here are four important things to get right:

Mosaic Consulting Group Named to 2018 Inc. 5000 Nashville-Based Tech Firm Hits the List at #1889

By Laura Ladd
Nashville, TENN.-- August 16, 2018 –Mosaic Consulting Group, LLC, a Nashville-based HR technology consulting firm, has been named to Inc. Magazine’s Inc. 5000 list. The honor is the company’s first appearance on the 37th annual list, and Mosaic made the list at No. 1889 nationally, and No. 16 in ...

Best Practices for Effectively Managing Open Enrollment

By Cheri Wadlington
Open Enrollment (OE) is a complex journey – one of the most labor-intensive processes for HR teams and one of the most important times of year for your employees. Managing the myriad details of enrolling employees, updating data, and keeping the process smooth and seamless for participants is ...

What is Off-Cycle Open Enrollment?

By Ceci Spehar
And 9 other questions you didn’t know you had on the topic. 

Cognos Analytics: A Brave New World

By Randy MacLeod
The UltiPro BI upgrade to Cognos Analytics is the most significant update to the platform in over a decade. The new environment looks and feels different to users, but once acclimated, you’ll find the system is more intuitive to use and provides some fantastic new capabilities that will allow you ...

Prior Year Adjustments and W-2Cs

By Aimée Morgan
What is a W-2C? The short answer: A W-2C is a corrected version of the W-2 form. As simple as that! (not really…)

Simplify Your Year End

By Aimée Morgan
The end of the year is a busy time for most industries, not to mention in our personal lives. Make your Year End easier with the following tips from Mosaic's very own Year End Subject Matter Expert Aimée Morgan!

Matt Hill Promoted to Mosaic CSO

By Laura Ladd
Mosaic Consulting Group has appointed Matt Hill to the newly-created position of Chief Strategy Officer.

10 Questions to Answer Before Open Enrollment

By Ceci Spehar
Open Enrollment is just around the corner...  Mosaic can help Through our years of UltiPro only Consulting we've learned a thing or two about Open Enrollment. Our expert team will take care of your open enrollment and simplify an already busy time of year. 

Millennials in the Workplace

By Vicki Hill